What is an unidentified aerial phenomenon, and how do we get classified as one? I'm serious here - I know people on this earth who are "other worldly" "out of this world" and "extraordinary" - some of whom are reading this RIGHT NOW.
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Hello, little UAPs -

What is an unidentified aerial phenomenon, and how do we get classified as one?  I'm serious here - I know people on this earth who are "other worldly" "out of this world" and "extraordinary" - some of whom are reading this RIGHT NOW. 

Do we look normal to you?

And, I'm writing this here, from my parents' living room, at 10:43 pm on Wednesday, and you are reading this on Friday, or Saturday, or in 5 years, and doesn't it kind of seem like it's happening at the same time?  What if it is?

And when you get really quiet, and listen, don't you hear that big voice inside you that just KNOWS?  If time is a construct, and we have big voices inside of us, how are we not UAPs?  This whole life is a UAP.

That voice, though. It came in big for me this week. It's not always easy for me to hear that voice, and sometimes when I look for it, I can't find it.  But, after deep conversation with a friend, or after some quality time with my niece and nephews (who deliver the sweetest hugs), or a quiet walk, or a shower beer (tell me you've tried it!), and I can hear it.  

Just a couple days ago, while on a long, silent drive, I heard it.  I listened.  That listening meant I had to follow through on the really hard part: giving the voice inside a voice out loud, to other people.  I fulfilled my mission in a really profound way (for me, sweetheart, remember - I'm a baby at this): I expressed myself, authentically, I went through a range of emotions, even, gasp, some messy ones.  And something magical happened, for me anyway - I woke up the next morning, not in a vulnerability hangover, not questioning myself, and not worried about what I said or how I expressed myself.  I felt grounded.

So how did I speak up? I listened.  Annoying, right?  Ugh, couldn't it be easier?
I've been playing a few of my favorite songs lately on repeat.  (It's sign number one that I'm in a pensive mood, if anyone has a clue on why please let me know.). This one, by Canadian band Stars:

And the only way to last
And the only way to live it
Is to hold on when you get love
And let go when you give it, give it

So, it's the same here, just substitute the word "inner voice" for "love."  (They're synonyms, anyway.) Don't let go of that inner voice.  Hold on and listen.  And when it's time to give that inner voice an outer voice, give it, give it all you've got, and let go.  

So it may not be easy, but we are not alone.  We have that extraordinary love, the inner love, other worldly love that ironically lives inside us.  Will the aliens please abduct me now?

Love always,



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